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 A darkly comic take on the modern malaise  

Trace is pushing forty, broke and single. Again. With her dad out of the picture, life seems to hold no hope: estranged from family, ridiculed by work colleagues, betrayed by her band mates and victim of a social media shit-shaming campaign, she hits rock bottom. 


Plagued by existential angst, but unable to commit to ending it all for good, the only consolation she can find is in the music that she shared with her father.

As Long As There's Music puts a whole new twist on the 'dying girl' genre; Trace is no waif-like Ophelia, but her clumsy, unassuming charms are impossible to resist.

The BEST Boonhill novel yet! Well worth the wait.

The Boonhill Village Voice


A timely tale of mental health in crisis and the power of music to console us in our darkest moments. 

The Toonery Times


"Laugh out loud humour... from the first page we are drawn into Con's fantasy world"
"Funny and heartwarming... the ending had me crying"
Amazon Verified Reviews

"This story is full of heart, and I found that the characters were really well constructed, unique and likeable." 


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